ice cream date

this morning was a tad rough. both kids woke up crying as if they were going to throw up. after a dozen trips to the toilet between the two (and resulting in nothing) we called it a morning and slept in as late as we could. no school.

we had to get up for a doctors appointment later in the afternoon for ty, so we got dressed and headed out.

i think/know the sleep did them good! by 1pm they were both hungry and smiling. i tested them out with some crackers and water and they held it down.

and for being the smartest nurse out there we then headed out for ice cream!
(i bribed them with this so they would be good during ty's appointment!)

they were thinking a mcdonalds ice cream...oooohh no my littles.....mommy did it right!
(did you see mommy's sunday in the picture :)

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