ty's cleft

a.k.a. kiss spot (source, mylei age 4)

i wanted to be very public about my sons cleft lip and palate. god created him this way in my womb, he is fearfully and wonderfully made in his image, why would i be ashamed of my little boy and his "birth defect".

ty's cleft is part of who he is. it is all part of the story god is telling through the life of ty. while we will still treat his cleft; and praise the lord we live in a country where surgery is so readily available; i also love his cleft.

it's the way god designed ty.

i remember when we first found out, i will be honest i didn't know if i would take him out much in public. i had serious debates/anxiety attacks about our new family portraits and whether i wanted them taken after his surgery or not. i wanted the typical newborn portraits as well however was thinking of ways to hide his cleft.

god finally got a hold of my heart and told me that this is gods child that he entrusted into my care. why was i so vain about his cleft...remind you this is all before i wold ever see his adorable, loveable, kissable, beautiful face.

i began to also feel that i needed to share my thoughts, struggles and praises here on my blog. it will help me to remember what i was feeling at the time and i also hope it will provided hope and comfort to others out their that may be struggling with the same "birth defect".

we are still learning so much about this for example:

what causes clefts?
how soon can they do surgery?
how many surgeries?
is it hereditary?
how to they eat, drink or nurse?

funny when we think of clefts (i at least) think of it as children in 3rd world countries. but it is common here in the states as well.

i am going to use this space of mine to share his surgeries, procedures and our thoughts throughout this process.

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