ty's retainer

at least to me that's what it looks like.

it is actually called a nasal alveolar molding. it is a plate that fits into ty's mouth and guides his mouth to grow in the right direction prior to surgery. some facilities have the mouth and nose piece in one device however, our facility places them separate.

we recieved our mouth piece last week and i have noticed a difference in the way he eats now! he chokes less and sucks stronger. they have us place it like dentures with ploy-grip n'all!

the orthodontist placed a string to keep us assured that the mouth piece is in place (not like he can swallow it though!) and now every time we are in public people keep informing me that he has a string in his mouth....yup we know lol!

we are still taping but soon the orthodonsist said we will begin the nasal device. this one breaks my heart a little. it is a little barbaric looking, but we are not there yet so i'm trying not to dwell on it.

this week has been stressful though aside from all ty's appointments. we were informed that dr. beals was not going to be considered an "in network" provider. yet all of his doctors in his group (orthodontist, speech therapists, ENT) are all covered.my insurance will still cover dr. beals but not fully like it would have been other wise. so we are in the dark on what we will owe when is comes to surgery (compared to $125 copay ..THAT'S ALL!)

i have been angry (very angry) over this. the state (the state insurance) sends all of their patients to dr. beals yet my insurance will not fully cover him....how is that fair! parts of my paycheck pay for their insurance coverage yet i can't get the same coverage i NEED for my son. i know as a christian i need to put myself last....and i can but it's my son that needs this and that burns me! i know god will prevail and we will be okay through this it's just the unknown. i keep reminding myself that genocide is unfair, starvation is unfair.... living in america and having insurance is more than fair...it's a blessing. we are going to get through this.

however, we are going to appeal the decision because dr. beals is one of the only major cleft surgeon in the valley and we possibly can get the decision changed since all our other doctors referred us to him.

prayers would be appreciated. :)

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