Flagstaff part two

lockett meadow3
locket meadow2
lockett meadow
lockett meadow4
lockett meadow5

on the second day we went up to lockett meadow. it was beautiful! some of the aspen had lost all of their leaves, i bet if we went up a week or so earlier it would have been perfect. as much as i loved lockett meadow there is a forest road that my dad and i explored when i was up at school there. i found it again (after some off roading in the mini van ha!). i tried to get more pictures of the kids on the road again (this post) but ya know whenever i plan pictures they just don't turn out as well as when they are spontaneous.

p.s. like the new layout and bigger pictures?? i do but it sure does take a little extra work( up loading to flickr 1st) ...if anyone knows of another way i would love to hear t!

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