new coffee table

since we have been married (7 1/2) years we have had the same set of bunch tables that i have "borrowed" from my parents to use.

the kids do the same thing we used to do as kids and that is to take things off of them and move and play on the small tables.....uggg it got old real fast constantly rearranging them back into place (and it's not like i allowed this to just did....all the time!)

an example....


well the other day in between appointments i managed to hit a thrift (big surprise) and found a table.
$10....not bad i thought (the marble was cracked but i figured i could work around it) plus who could resist those legs!

well i got it home....

broke the marble (few choice words spoken....i also cut my finger...give me some slack  :)

spray paint.....

and i LOVE how it turned out! little did i know i never wanted the marble, because it looks fabulous without it!

thank you trey and ty for modeling for this blog post!

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