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how do you begin a blog post about your struggles? yup, my struggles. it's not easy being a wife, mom and nurse.
i loved being on maternity leave this time around. the house was nearly spotless, laundry done, and a hot meal on the table every night...for real i cooked practically every night! in my mind i was doing what i love most and that is being domestic. let me re-phrase that, being domestic with no other responsibilities such as going back to work.
my first night wasn't bad. it was nice to have girl time again, labor a patient, and doing what i really do enjoy. the second shift.....not so good. for the most part my job is happy and all smiles. however, their are times when it is not. how am i supposed to give all i have to my patients in those times of need and still have reserve to come home and love my husband and children. 
the first several nights after going back to work were rough, and to be frank with you they still are. i have not established a "grove"…

halloween 2012

spiderman, dorthy, and my little pumpkin. happy halloween 2012

good morning

i've been away from this place only 2 weeks and i'm anxious to get back. i am missing my entire family bad lately. i am lucky enough to be able to go out for christmas this year and spend it with them. it will be like old time when i was young. now all i need to do is see if i can squeeze another trip before then...ummmmm...i need to work on that :)