It's a bit daunting to openly spill my heart to a world of people I probably don't know deeply. It's my hope that maybe we can know each other a bit more by sharing about Ty through this blog. I'm thankful for this space to share and I'm deeply grateful for our friends who set it up for us. We will continue to give deeper updates on Ty through this space. It's very easy to hide my emotions behind the quick Facebook updates and although those are great for disseminating information, I think this blog better serves as a way for Ashley and myself to express our more raw emotions.

First, let me say thanks to my wife for letting me dally with this blog thing. You see, she is a pro in the blogging world. Her site, www.pumpkinpatching.blogspot.com is renown for amazing photos of my family and amazing insight into her life as a mom, wife, nurse, photographer, vegetarian/vegan cook and Christ follower. I could sense that she was a little hesitant when I said I wanted to put something on the blog :). Of course, she had to choose the picture. Ashley, let me tell you that I can't imagine enduring this with any other person. I know we tell each other often that we don't feel very strong, but you have exhibited strength throughout this entire ordeal. Your trust in God has strengthened me. Your faith that God is sovereign and in control has inspired me. Thanks for being the best wife and mother.
It's so comforting to see Ty look into your face when you hold him and fall, effortlessly, fast asleep.

Second, I just want to share that Ashley and I don't have it all together all of the time. We are really in need of your prayer. We have said throughout this ordeal that we trust God for every outcome, but honestly it has become harder with each new twist and turn. Anytime in the next several weeks, Ty will have his second open heart surgery. He is only 4 months old and this absolutely scares us. Despite doctors insisting he will be ok, we struggle to find peace. Ty has fallen into the small percentages that the doctors always talk about at seemingly every turn. This has us constantly second guessing everything. For now, Ty is recovering from his first surgery and his lungs need to heal before he can go back for his second operation. Unfortunately, he has an infection. Doctors are hopeful that with antibiotics he will kick the infection and be back on the road to recovery shortly. Please pray for the doctors and nurses that provide his care. We have been awed by their skill. 

We are trying to suffer with grace and wisdom. We know that we are blessed because there are parents who leave Phoenix Children's Hospital everyday and are told their child can't be fixed. We believe that in the greatest highs and deepest lows that Christ has never abandoned us. All three of our children have been such great highs in our life. Ty's issues have us in a valley, but our hearts will not abandon God. Ashley and I look forward to sharing more about Ty with you in the near future. Thanks for reading.

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