new blog for Ty

*taken from a new blog created by friends to keep everyone update on Ty's condition and journey*
*please visit*

 i am not sure where to start. my friends created this blog to help keep family updated and to help support us as a family through this trying time. thank you so much for all the prayers, comments, texts, calls and support from ALL of you! we may have not respond back to everyone but please know that we are so grateful to all of you and the love you have shown on our family especially little ty.

funny how i am a blogger and now i can not seem to find the words to describe what we are going through. i can tell you for a fact that if it where not for our faith and the strength and peace that God promises we would not be able to get through this.

ty was diagnosed on tuesday, december 18th 2012 with Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return. he had open heart surgery on wednesday, decemeber 19th 2012. we had just under 8 hours to process that our 4 month old son had a heart defect and was going to require open heart surgery. this was actually a blessing, if we would have had more time to dwell on it, i am sure our anxiety would have been through the roof!

i am in the process of journaling what we have gone through everyday. i will be sharing it on here with you all. for now he is still in the cardiovascular intensive care unit sedated and on a ventilator. this is okay as he needs rest so that his body can begin to heal itself. 

thank you again jodi for setting this up so that everyone can stay update with our little man. 

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