what a day it was yesterday! first, he extubated himself the day before  (he pulled his breathing tube out) they tried to see if he could breath on his own but he was working to hard so they replaced it. all he needed was a good night and they were finally able to wean him off the breathing machine yesterday (12/23)!!! he is doing so well without it.

he was restless all day yesterday between extubating him, decreasing his pain and sedation medications and finally ummm pooping lol! however, it was so comforting to see him wide awake and moving. i had not seen that since they day we brought him in.

this little one is a fighter and a feisty one at that. i went home to have dinner as a family (trying to keep things semi normal for my other babies) and in the whole hour i was gone he pulled his chest tube out!!! remind you it is stitched in. the nurse said he was most likely kicking at it all day and it finally dislodged last night. his lungs were still wet but they said they were going to leave it out. and as of this morning his chest x-ray was better so hopefully it stays out for good.

they are now trying to keep his pain under control. he didn't sleep at all last night so they have started him on methadone..who knew! david sung to him this morning and he fell right to sleep...some things are better left to mom and dad to do.

they have increased his NG feedings to 21cc/hr. that is more total volume that he has taken since he was born! he is going to hit 10 pounds before he is discharged! they also removed is foley catheter and he finally has begun to poop.....all great things!

the only plan for today his for mom and dad to hold him....fingers crossed!

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