Infection and the Flu

well we are back in the hospital. i was going to blog and update everyone about our time at home and how we were all doing so well but it was short lived. we were home a total of 12 days when i noticed ty having a croup like cough, grunting and his incision starting to turn red with a fever following. it happened all so quickly. he was fine when i dropped my son off to school, next thing i know we are in our pediatricians office waiting for the ambulance to get there to take us back to PCH.

to be honest that was the most exciting thing about this whole event :) when we got to the ER they worked him up for everything under the sun (which is why i would never take my children any where else!!!) we saw one of our nurses for our admission before and she said we were gong back to the CVICU and she would be our nurse. through all the chaos God was still providing comfort in familiar faces. we were brought to the room right next door to our old room, although i think i like this room better :)

he was diagnosed with paraflu type 3, a sternal infection and sepsis..... the flu, an infection in his wound and blood. it has been a rough couple of days..going back and forth on whether or not they need to do surgery to clean the wound out or if the antibiotics will continue to work. however, i fully trust our entire team of doctors and surgeons.

i will update more...heading back in to love on him the rest of the day.

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