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Gram 1926-2013

we love you Gram!!

Aubrey's 3rd Birthday

as usually we had aubrey's birthday at chuck e cheese, i would dare say that this was the last chuck e cheese party for a while (maybe a year or so lol)

It was small, that was the sad part, was seeing our family becoming smaller. 
I took her to the party store and let her pick out what she wanted the theme to be, and my little mini me picked the little mermaid...gosh i love that girl! I made sure she wore her party dress that we tookpictures of her in earlier in the year. 

Happy Birthday Aubrey

happy birthday to my beautiful, energetic, sassy, fun loving, free spirited, adorable, and all around girly girl aubrey.

i love you more than i can describe. each one of my babies are unique and special. you are special because you are the first and only girl. i can dress you up, do you hair, put lipstick (lip gloss) on you and one day soon get your ears pierced. i pray that we can have lunch dates, shopping trips and mother daughter talks like i do with my mother. i know we will fight but it's only because we are so alike and best of friends. the short 3 years you have been in our lives has been a blessing. i can't thank God enough for you.

Happy Birthday Aubrey Tate ♥