Trey's first day of Kindergarten

  I look at these pictures and I just feel awful! I worked the night before Trey's first day of kindergarten but I was able to book it out of work just in time. David had called me while I was on my way home saying Trey looked liked he did not feel well. What!! can't be sick on the first day of kindergarten! I came home assessed (poorly in hindsight) that he was okay to go to he said he wanted to.

We live in walking distance from the school so David and I walked him to Madison Traditional Academy. He was fine until we got closer. He started to cry and we walked him into his classroom where Miss Ball was his teacher. She is the best from what we hear. She gave Trey a big hug when we all went into his room. We found his seat and he sat and we said goodbye. I didn't cry (probably from the lack of sleep I had) but looking back I am, my baby, my first born was a kindergartner.

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