Halloween in Texas (2014)

Our first Halloween in Texas. We missed going to Schnepf Farms this year. I did find a few farms down in Temple but we just never made it this year, football season has us (David) pretty busy! Thank you HEB for pumpkins! Trey enjoyed cleaning his pumpkin out, Aubrey on the other hand  had her hand in it for a whole minute and was done. She is my girly girl, which is okay since she is my only girl. We of course saved the seeds for roasting.

 Can you tell my kids are at the age where it is difficult to take a serious picture and they are always wanting to see themselves as soon as I take the picture. One of the churches here puts on large festival, the ironic part is that their interim pastor is the pastor my husband and I grew up with and who baptized us.... small world!

 On actual Halloween we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. David had a game so we played it low key. Apparently our neighborhood was a hotspot....note to self to pick up extra candy for next year! Ty had a blast running up to the doors and getting candy, he was non stop!

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