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'Tis the Season 2014

With this being our first Christmas in Texas I decided that we needed a new adventure this year with regards to our Christmas Tree. I have always loved the idea of cutting down our own. You can do this in Arizona but need a permit and well we just never made it a priority, well that and a fear of acting out a scene from Christmas Vacation.

I was able to find a Christmas Tree farm about an hour away from our house. We loaded the kids up and headed out. They said that they would cut the tree down for you but I put the idea in the kids head that daddy was going to cut the tree down so there was no way the kids would let us get away from cutting down our own tree.

We found the "one" and daddy cut it down with the help of Trey. It was a small 6 foot tree (the smaller ones have become my favorite for our home). We snapped a few pictures and headed back home. The tree was small enough to out inside the van so we grabbed a bite to eat and then headed home. Mommy put the lights on a…