Aubrey's 5th Birthday

Aubrey's 5th birthday party turned out better than I could have hoped for. Last year when I was thinking about having it i wanted to do something big, I mean 5 is a big birthday! I had planned to have all her little girlfriends over. Broke my heart when we moved my dreams of her first party (outside of family) was not going to happen. God is good. We meet out neighbors down the street who have kids our age and they played like they had known each other for years the very first day they met! Melissa and I talked the whole afternoon away. Since then all Aubrey could say was "can my new friend Avery come to my party?". 

We had all our in town family come, Avery's entire family and our good friends the Humphries who befriended us even before we arrived here. It was a blast, I had never imagined that my house would be filled with laughing, running around, and joy. It was a ballerina themed party and believe it or not there was not one piece of ballerina anything in the entire central Texas region....and I looked! So pinterest and everything pink at the dollar tree came to the rescue.

I blew up a few of her ballerina pictures and placed them on the table. I laughed with my girlfriend Jodi, it was like Harlee was at the party with Aubrey. That picture of the two of them just might get blown up and put in her room! Her big gift this year was her bike. After playing with Avery's any chance she had we knew we had to get her one...and of course she requested pink.

Everything was perfect, Happy 5th Birthday My Beautiful Aubrey Tate!

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