Christmas Break 2014

 We celebrated Christmas a few days early at the Grammies and Pop-E's (The Ellis's house). After such a big move for our family, to be able to celebrate with both families this year was what my heart needed.  We opened gifts, ate homemade pizzas and played the kids Nintendo DS's while they weren't looking.

 We spent Christmas morning at my grandmothers ranch in Templeton, CA. It was along trip but so worth it. I know we will not be able to do this always so every time I'm up there I cherish it! Boy was it a drive it took us 18 hours to get to Phoenix and then another 11 hours to get to the ranch..we have some amazing little travelers on our hands and we made some awesome memories.

Take one

 Take two

Finally got it!

David and I had the opportunity to get away for 24 hours all thanks to my mom who booked us a room at a bed and breakfast in Los Osos as our Christmas gift. We walked Morro Bay, had dinner, saw Into the Woods, and actually had time to breath and be with each other. 

A few pictures of our time in Phoenix.  I had the chance to love on my niece who completely lives up to her fiery red hair! Aubrey got her ears pierced while in Phoenix, she took us completely by surprised and said she wanted them...who was I to say no :) It was nice to get back and see our friends. Although I must say I'm not sure I could ever move back to a large city....the traffic was going to do me in....and I'm talking the traffic in my old neighborhood! I think I'm spoiled with having only one stoplight on my commute to work....David has none!!

My mom drove back home with us, we did the trip in two days and really enjoyed our drive home (well all of it except the umm the 7 hour stretch through west Texas).

We even had a chance to stop and play in the snow in New Mexico.

I'm looking back and got NO pictures of my moms time in Texas except for when she flew home (and we were all in tears!)...I'll blame it on all the fun we had and didn't have time to stop and take pictures, sometimes I do get to wrapped up with feeling the need to capture every moment with my camera. That's okay we have the memories and shopping receipts to prove we had a good time!

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