Riviera Maya

Our 10 year anniversary came and went like any other anniversary, granted we had a few surgeries to deal with so most of our summer plans were cancelled. So on a whim we decided to book a trip to Mexico for our 11 year anniversary.....and 11 has always been our lucky number (started dating and first kiss was November 11th, Davids basketball number was 11, we were engaged 11 months exactly) you get the point.....  so it seemed fitting to wait util our 11th year.

We decided Mexico since ..... well it's really close to us and our passports had one more year util they expired so Mexico it was! We had already been to Cabo so we decided between Cancun or Riviera Maya.....I'm so glad we choose Riviera Maya, not such a spring break spot!

We stayed at Secrets all inclusive resort, which is funny since we both don't drink but we still made sure we got our full moneys worth by ordering plenty of nachos and virgin pina coladas beach-side!

We spent the first whole day on the beach and in the ocean. We never once did we step foot in the pool. The ocean was the perfect temperature and the gentle rocking of the waves was heaven! It made falling asleep every night a breeze.

The next day we went into the town Carmen Del Playa....the taxi ride was probably the highlight....we survived needless to say! I was sucker for all the vendors...worked on my haggling a bit and grabbed lunch and the went back to spend the rest of the afternoon on the beach...again.

The highlight of the trip however was the third day when David booked an all day excursion to Chichen Itza, one of the best Mayan ruins out there.

All the travel sites said not to eat where they provided but we didn't really have a choice.....however they were all wrong! It was the first time since being in Mexico (ironic) that we authentic Mayan/Mexican food.....it was amazing!!!! They had fried corn tortillas with red sauce that was the highlight for me.....just plain fried tortillas and it was amazing.

After lunch we had the opportunity to swim in the Cenote Ik Kil . A little history about cenotes,
The cenote is about 130 ft deep (whoa!) This specific cenote was sacred to the Mayans and the Mayans used this cenote for both sacrifice and rituals (human sacrifice) and relaxation. That didn't stop us for taking a swim....an opportunity I didn't want to miss!

The rest of the trip we ate, relaxed, swam, and did splurge in a spa day. It was so nice. I feel guilty for having such a leisure time but it really was nice after a hard past few years.

Until next time Mexico!

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