Christmas Tree and Santa!

Christmas was a little different this year. We were still living with grammie (Davids mom) so we combined a few traditions. It was actually nice, we all kept each other company and enjoyed the season immensely.

We did buy a table top Christmas tree for up stairs where we stay. My mother in law is allergic to real trees but thought is was safe for us to get one since it would be behind doors. And it did the trick. It turned out to be a darling tree! We had all our ornaments packed away so we picked up just a few vintage inspired ones and made a few ones. I even hung tinsel! I loved the 50's look it gave it.

We watched The Grinch while we decorated.

IMG 1846 from ashley ellis on Vimeo.

On December 1st Trey had a Christmas program. It was so crazy to see him growing up and even taking his picture with a girl! Well, his friend Macy but still lol!

 A few days later we decided to go see Santa in our jammies. We decided last minute just to head to the mall, although Santa at the mall in Waco is not nearly as impressive as Santa was in Phoenix. So we might check out Santa at the Silos next year! But regardless they had a fake snow session and were able to give Santa their list, and I got my $20 photo (yikes!) so it all worked out in the end.

Both kiddos had school Christmas parties.Ty and I partied along :)

Believe it or not we have never made a gingerbread house. I think they are overrated. HA! I could not for the life of me get the roof to stay on! So instead I just let the kids eat the kid lol.....I already had a stomach ache from all the icing I was licking off my fingers in attempt to "glue" the roof and walls on.

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